Our 4th Wedding Anniversary


Our wedding, November 12th 2005

Thank you Lord for guiding us through our first four years
Let us seek Your guidances as a couple and parents for the years ahead
Let us grow in Your word and lovingkindness and help us to grow each and everyday in our love, understanding, and compassion through the sunshine and the rain

Thank you for Carmello
Help us to care for him, raise him in Your words, and nurture him to grow in favor with God and man.

Thank you for our extended family & our friends
May Your love shine through us and make us a blessing for them

4 Responses to Our 4th Wedding Anniversary

  1. babyclo says:

    Congratulation mom! dad!

  2. sety says:

    Aduh, selamat ulangtahun pernikahan ke-4 ya… kemarin mustinya dirayakan di Gn Geulis ya… Semoga kalian terus bertumbuh dalam kasih dan kerendahan hati satu sama lain sehingga menikmati keintiman dan kemesraan senantiasa. Juga semoga Mello menjadi anak yang kuat sesuai apa yang dia lihat pada kalian… wass

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