Enchanted Garden – Breakfast with Mickey

On December 17th 2009, as part of our Hongkong Disneyland vacation, me, my wife, and our son had our breakfast at Enchanted Garden Restaurant at Hongkong Disney Hotel where we stayed.

Since I read that it has only limited capacity and that reservation is recommended, I decided to reserve a table for us about a week before we arrived. I tried to make the reservation by e-mail, but I received a reply from them that dining reservation at Disney Hotel restaurants should be made by phone. I had no choice but to make a long distance call to Disney Hotel. Thankfully the staffs are helpful. After confirming my hotel reservation, I was asked whether I would like the 8.30 round or the 10.30 round. Since we would like to be in the park as it open at 10, I chose the first round and then I was given a 5 digit confirmation number. I’m glad that I made the reservation beforehand since the restaurant was filled to its full capacity on that day.

We were among the first guests to arrive that morning and were greeted by the Disney Characters on our way to our allocated table. After taking pictures with them, we got to sit at our table and was told by a Disney crew that we don’t need to roam around since all the characters will visit each table. There were 4 Disney characters on that day : Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Pluto. Since the theme of the park was ‘Sparkling Christmas’, all the characters were all wearing Christmas theme outfit.

Fun Breakfast with the Disney Characters

I noticed that Mickey & Minnie each has a Disney crew as personal escort who helped direct them in making their rounds, while Goofy and Pluto were roaming freely around the area. I guess that both Mickey & Minnie are more popular and I saw some guests were insisting to approach them even when they were still at other guest’s table, so they need an escort to help manage the situation.

The Disney characters visited our tabel about 3-5 times each during the course of the breakfast. Each visit lasted for about 2-3 minutes. Aside from taking pictures, they even played and interacted with our son. He was more excited about meeting Mickey than having his breakfast that morning. Just always keep an eye on the way they made their round, because you don’t want to be away on the buffet tables when they arrived at your dining table.

The food selection & taste was quite good. They have dim sum section complete with congee, salad, cereals, bacon, egg, sausage, hash brown, fried noodle, soups, bread & pastries, waffles, pancakes, fruit juices, yoghurt, and many more. The waffle and pancake are in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head.

Breakfast Buffet at Enchanted Garden

After about one hour and a half, a waiter approached our table and told us that the buffet will finish soon and whether we would like to get another food before they clean it up. As we left the restaurants, Mickey was standing near the door to bid us goodbye.

Overall it was a nice and unique dining experience, especially if you have little kids. While it costed us HK$ 479 for 2 adults (free for child under 3 years old), we could interact and took many pictures with the characters without having to take the long queue as inside the park, not mentioning the quality breakfast.

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