Hongkong Disneyland with Toddler (Day 2)

Our second day at Disney started with a morning stroll around the hotel while waiting for the breakfast hour to begin. Although a bit cold, the fresh air and scenery was nice. They have nice outdoor and indoor swimming pools, too bad the weather is too cold for us to swim.

Hongkong Disneyland Hotel

After that we went to the Enchanted Garden restaurant inside the Hongkong Disney Hotel for our breakfast with Mickey and friends. I think it was the most enjoyable dining experience for our son. With our stomach filled, we headed to the park as it opened.

Although we have our own stroller, today we decided to rent the Disney’s stroller because it has a nice cover. From our experience yesterday, the weather was rather cold for us (low tenths) and windy. The stroller can be rent for HK$ 60 with HK$ 40 as deposit at the Town Square located near the entrance. One unique thing in Hongkong Disneyland is that there is a stroller parking area at majority of the rides. We also had better preparation today. Yesterday he refused to wear his jacket although it’s cold, so today besides the jacket, we also brought him extra shirt and sweater.

Our first target was “Autopia”, since it won’t have long queue this early in the morning. We were among the first to arrive. I rode with my son, and again, he insisted to take control of the steering wheel, and again we have a pretty bumpy ride 🙂

I just love to drive

From “Autopia” we went to the “Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters”. He enjoyed it even more today. In this ride, while we sit on the moving “spacecraft”, we have to shoot the enemies along the way and to get the score we have to shoot at the marked area of the targets. Somehow he shot well enough to get level 2 mark. And just like yesterday, he asked to ride again as soon as we stepped out of the ride. Thankfully there was no crowd so we can get right back in.

Me and my young sharpshooter

Me and my new friend, Buzz

He refused to ride the “Orbitron” yesterday, but today he gave his approval, so we took the ride. It was about the same as Dumbo, just with different object, still he enjoyed it very much.

Riding the UFO

From Tomorrow Land we moved to the Adventure Land and went directly to the “Jungle Cruise”. The guide gave the narration only in Cantonese, but it didn’t matter since he concentrated at the attraction along the way. There were ‘crocodiles’, ‘elephants’, ‘erupting volcano’, and even ‘wild tribes’ who threw spears and blowpipe arrows around our boat.

Cruising the 'wild jungle river'

We decided to skip the “Festival of the Lion King” based on our experience yesterday at the 4D theater, so we just take a couple of pictures at Adventure Land, browsing the menu at Tahitian Terrace cafe.

At the Adventure Land

Then we went to the Fantasy Land through the Sleeping Beauty Castle. There we saw a Disney Photographer and asked her to take our picture with our camera (and hers). We also met Cinderella and Snow White, but again he refused to take photo with the princesses (masculine pride?).

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Since he had taken pictures with Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy during beakfast, our primary target was Winnie the Pooh and Donald Duck. The Disney crew at the Castle told us that Winnie will be in the Fantasy Garden that afternoon. But when we arrived, we were told that the garden would be open at 12, so we still have to wait for about half an hour. We rode the “Cinderella Carousel” nearby and then went back to the Fantasy Garden entrance since a short queue was starting to form.

We then saw Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Winnie entered their hut. We thought Mickey will be the favorite, so we decided to get to him first. After waited for a while the door opened and we ran straight to Mickey and we were the first to arrive. Although he just met Mickey earlier this morning, he was very excited to met him again. He jumped and run ahead of us to Mickey who greeted him with open arm. Next was Winnie the Pooh (short queue) and then Minnie (already long queue, we have to wait for about 15 minutes). After that we saw the queue for Goofy was too long, so we decided to skip. We didn’t see any sign of Donald though.

With the Disney characters at Fantasy Garden

After exiting the Fantasy Garden (with strong objection from Carmello who want to hug Mickey and Minnie again), we went to the “Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” again before having our lunch at Tahitian Terrace. We ordered fried rice and vegetable noodles.

Lunch at Tahitian Terrace

Since we want to see the fireworks at night, we decided to head back to the hotel after lunch, so he can get quality sleep. We left our stroller at the Town Hall and told them that we will need it again later.

Quality afternoon nap at the hotel

After more than two hours of sleep, we went back to the park. After register for fast pass at Pooh ride, we wanted to go to “It’s a Small World”, but he said he didn’t like it, instead he asked to ride the “Mad Hatter Tea Cup” which he refused to ride yesterday. He enjoyed the ride so much and eagerly spinned our cup so fast that we have to slow it down, unless we could all get dizzy.

Spinning around with the cup

From there we went to Buzz ride (again) and utilized the fast pass for the Pooh ride, followed by dinner at Starliner Diner. Usually, we keep him away from (junk) fast food, but we compromised on this trip. We ordered fish burger and cheeseburger with fries and hot chocolate. He ate a quarter of the fish burger and most of the fries.

Dinner at Starliner

After dinner, we rode the Buzz again. Since we still have our magical fast pass, we decided to use it for the Pooh ride again which has a very long queue. After the Pooh ride, my wife headed to a Disney store nearby while I took our son for our last ride at Hongkong Disneyland on this trip, “Dumbo the Flying Elephant”.

We then head to the front of Sleeping Beauty Castle for the fireworks, but was told that the fireworks would began an hour later. So we spent the time shopping at Main Street USA stores. We decided to buy him a Mickey toy doll. There are several version of Mickey’s : magician, tuxedo, golden suit, etc, but he end up choosing the original Mickey, the one with the red short.

Chose his own Mickey at Disney Store

Then we watched the fireworks, this time it was even more beautiful from the effect of the special spectacles they gave us. It was quite amazing to saw him being able to stand still for about 15 minutes watching the fireworks. Afterwards he said it was very beautiful.

At Sleeping Beauty Castle before the fireworks

Here is my personal quick tips regarding Hongkong Disneyland Park .

1. Check for dining, park, and hotel special offers at Hongkong Disneyland website. You can get a really good bargain there.

2. If your goal is to ride the attractions, ignore all the shops on Main Street USA right after the park entrance when you arrive. You can always get back to visit them later.

3. Go to the favorite rides first that usually get long queue later in the day. In Hongkong the rides usually are ‘Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh’, ‘Autopia’, and ‘Space Mountain’.

4. Utilize your fast pass.

5. The exit way of the some rides led to a Disney shop. Beside the common items, these shops sell the ride’s related item that may only available on that shop.

6. If possible, take the rides when most visitors have their meal, and have your meal when most visitors take the rides to avoid the crowd.

Happy holiday!

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