Hongkong Disneyland with Toddler (Day 3)

After spending the first 2 days at the park, we spent our final day at Disney Resort enjoying the facilities at the hotel. First we went to the Prince Eric room at Hongkong Disneyland hotel where we stayed. This room is the indoor children activity room for the hotel guest, free of charge. There are toys in one corner and children books in other corner. They also have scheduled activities such as making postcards, story telling, etc.

Playing at Prince Eric Activity Room

There is also an interesting activity at King Triton room next door, “My Little Princess”. It is a dream come true for little girls. They will be transformed into a Disney Princess with a package of Princess costume and accessories, make up, hair styling, and an 8×10″ photograph. It costs HK$ 580 (for Aurora, Cinderella, and Belle) or HK$ 720 (for Snow White and Giselle).

The Disney Princess Makeover

After he’s done playing at Prince Eric room, we took the shuttle bus to Disney Hollywood hotel next door. Our son was very excited when he saw the playground at the hotel. He just loves any kind of slides. It took us a considerable effort in persuading him to leave the playground.

The playground at Disney Hollywood Hotel

With the classic cars at Disney Hollywood Hotel

We then have our lunch at “Hollywood and Dine” at the hotel. This time we ordered spaghetti bolognaise and sweet and sour pork chop with rice. Both meals came with a soup of your choice (we chose tomato cream soup and vegetable sugar cane soup). The food tasted good but the serving size was quite big. Even the three of us couldn’t finish these two meals.

Our lunch at Hollywood and Dine

After lunch we went back to Hongkong Disneyland hotel on foot, which took us about 7 minutes. Our son fell asleep on our way back, so we have to wait until he woke up before we checked out of the hotel and headed to Kowloon.

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2 Responses to Hongkong Disneyland with Toddler (Day 3)

  1. ivorylim says:

    thanks for sharing your trip experience with your tot. Now I know what to look forward to when I take my own tot there this Dec!

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