Snoopy World & Ngong Ping 360

Snoopy World at New Town Plaza – Shatin

During our Hongkong trip we also visited Snoopy World at New Town Plaza. Since we stayed at Novotel Nathan Road, we took the MRT from Yau Ma Tei to Sha Tin. At Sha Tin, one of the exit way directly led us into the plaza.

Although the Snoopy World area is quite small, our toddler son managed to spend nearly two hours there. He cheerfully took pictures with various Snoopy, played with the steering wheel in the school bus, and spent most of the time in the playground area. They have slides, tunnels, and climbing area. Too bad several kids in the playground didn’t behave properly. Some just won’t queue, and some just pushed smaller kids aside.

Snoopy World at New Town Plaza

Snoopy World Playground

The school bus

There is also a Snoopy canoe ride which took about 3 minutes per cycle. The ride is free of charge as long as you can show a purchase receipt from any stores in the plaza on that day (any amount). When we arrived in the morning the queue was short, but a couple of hours later it took us about 10 minutes of queue to board the ride.

Canoe ride at Snoopy World

The Plaza itself has many stores that sell toddler related products. There is a Toys ‘r’ us, several smaller toy stores, a store which sells Thomas & Friends items, and several children bookstores.

Ngong Ping 360
After checking in at Novotel Citygate, we went to Ngong Ping cable car station, which is just across the street from the hotel. We arrived at the station around 4pm and was told that the cable car service will ended at 6pm.

We bought a combination return ticket (crystal cabin to Ngong Ping & normal cabin for the return journey) at HK$ 142 per person, free for our not yet 3 years old son. But boy! What a mistake that was (more about it later).

The departure line around that time (weekday) was nearly empty thus we got a crystal cabin all for our own (hooray!). The attendant told us to stand up and face the monkey picture at Ngong Ping station when we get there, since there is an automatic camera that will take our photo. The difference between crystal cabin & normal cabin is that the crystal cabin has a see through glass bottom. The journey lasted around 2o minutes. Although it was a bit foggy we still can see the scenery. Our son really enjoy looking down through the glass bottom of the cabin.

Inside the crystal cabin

Arriving at Ngong Ping, we stepped directly inside the souvenir store with a photo counter where we can preview & purchase the photo. There are several packages to chose from : large print photo only, large print photo + the original file that will be sent to our e-mail address, print photo + photo in key chain, etc
We chose the large print photo + the file (which was e-mailed to us a few hours later) at the price of around HK$ 100

The photo taken by Ngong Ping automatic camera

Then we took pictures and circled the surrounding area. Too bad we didn’t have enough time to visit the Giant Buddha and other attractions.

Ngong Ping in Christmas theme

At 5.45 we headed back to the cable car station. We were surprised to see more than hundred people were already queuing ahead of us for the normal cabin. Then I saw the queue for crystal cabin was very short, with no more than 20 people waiting. Since our son was sleepy and started  to get a bit cranky, we decided that it was not worth it to waste our time at the queue. I went back to the ticket counter and asked for an upgrade. It costed us HK$ 40 for each ticket. In hindsight, we should have bought return crystal cabin ticket in the first place because we ended up spending HK$ 364 instead of HK$ 304.

The return journey itself was uneventful since the cabin was filled with 8 people and our son fell asleep just moments after we were seated. We exited at Tung Chung and again stepped directly into a souvenir store. So for those of you who are interested to get cable car souvenirs, better do your shopping when you return rather than at Ngong Ping, where there are other things to see.

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