Snoopy World on my mind

It was early March, about two and a half months removed from our Hongkong-Shenzhen vacation. Our son was playing alone in his bedroom when he noticed a Snoopy story book lying on the floor. He picked it up and started to turn the pages, and then he said to himself (in Indonesian) :

“I went to Snoopy’s house in Hongkong. I played there. I rode the canoe there. There were birds, bus, and slides in Snoopy’s house. I want to go to Hongkong again.”

The Snoopy story book

It’s safe to say that our vacation left a deep impression in his heart and the memories are still fresh in his mind. Wonder for how long …

Anyway, we’re glad that you enjoyed our vacation sweetheart.

Our visit to the Snoopy World :

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