Ocean Dream Ancol (d/h Gelanggang Samudera)

Last month my wife called me, she said there’s a special bargain for Ocean Dream entrance ticket at Rp 60.000 instead of the usual Rp 120.000. Since we hadn’t have any plan for the kids upcoming Christmas holiday we decided to grab it.

Because there are blackout dates during peak season (Christmas and New Year holiday), we can only use the ticket on January 6th 2014, luckily the kids are still in their school holiday.

Show Schedule at the ticket booth

Show Schedule at the ticket booth

Arriving at 9.15, we were greeted by an almost empty parking lot at the front of Ocean Dream. At the entrance, the gatekeeper stamped our hand (so we can re-enter) and told us to go straight to Pentas Aneka Satwa (various animal) since the show will start at 9.45. Thinking the park will be empty anyway, we decided to let the kids ride “Ubur-Ubur” first, one of several kids ride at the park.

Ocean Dream

Ubur Ubur Ride

Ubur Ubur Ride

Afterwards we went to the Pentas Aneka Satwa and were surprised to find it almost full because it turned out that there were 2 groups of school students and 1 group of a company outing just entered the park. Still we managed to find empyty seats in the front row. Just when the show about to begin, I was very upset to smell tobacco smoke because I was sure that I saw a non-smoking sign in the arena. Looking around, I saw a middle aged man ignorantly smoked with children around him. I rose from my seat and approached a security guard who immediately asked the person to put his cigarette away.

Ocean 02Ocean 03Ocean 04

The show itself was quite entertaining. My kids enjoy most of it. There were birds, bear, hippo, and linsang. At the end of the show, the announcer told us to go to Pentas Singa Laut (Sea Lion) because the show there was about to start.

When we arrived there the arena is also almost full. Again we managed to find empty seats near the front row, and again there was another man smoking in the entrance aisle but before I managed to find the security guard, the ignorant person decided that he has seen enough and left the arena. The sea lions played with basketball, jumped though the hoop, played with rings, danced to the music, and even did some math.

Ocean 05Ocean 06

From the sea lion we went to the Pentas Lumba Lumba (Dolphin). The arena is totally renovated. Behind the pool now stands a huge LCD display. Before the show start, the announcer gave a brief introduction about dolphin, most importantly, there are mammals, not fish, and their differences. The show start with a short introduction movie, then the dolphins showed up. They jumped around, played with rings, hit the balls hanging from the roof, jumped through the hoop, and also did some math.

Ocean 07Ocean 08Ocean 09

Below the arena there is a restaurant called Colombus Fried Chicken which served, of course, fried chicken, with rice, fries, and burgers. Just after we took our seat the rain suddenly decided to pour heavily from the sky. Thankfully we were already indoor and the rain event lighten after we eat to allow me to fetch the umbrellas from our car. The food price was surprisingly reasonable, around Rp 19.000 per person for a fried chicken, rice, and drink.

We then went to the 4D theater showing Dora & Diego adventure through the forest and south pole to retrieve animal’s home stolen by some butterfly robot. The unpleasant surprise was there was an electrical outage when we sat in the theater waiting room, and it took few minutes before they managed to turn on the electricity again. Luckily the waiting room was rather empty since we had several minutes without air conditioning, which might be difficult to endure inside a room full of people. My youngest kid somehow managed to sleep through it all, even the shaking movement of the chair in the theater can’t wake him up.

Right beside the 4D theater is the Scorpion Pirates adventure, which in my opinion is a lesser version of the similiar stunt at Universal Studio Singapore. Caution : they use very loud firecracker throughout the show. The performers do some stunts like jumping from the tower, riding jet skis while splashing the front row audience (the seats were marked as wet section though), do some choreograph fight and some other stunts. While it was wildly entertaining for my 6 years old son, my 2.5 years old son was not fond of the firecracker and had to be carried outside by my wife.

Ocean 10

There is one other attraction, Underwater Theater, but we decided to skip it since we have to wait for another 1.5 hours. So we instead let our son took his bumper car ride which he enjoyed very much (by the look on his expression). Then we went to Rumah Pintar (smart house) which turn out to be a small library with a lot of books about animal, sea, and earth for kids to read.

Bumper car

Bumper car

Afterwards we decided to head home at around 2.30 pm.

Additional notes :
The staffs are friendly and courteous, they actively advised us whenever there is a show about to begin.
The restrooms while not quite dirty, could do some renovation.

2 Responses to Ocean Dream Ancol (d/h Gelanggang Samudera)

  1. sety says:

    Good for the children and the family… Well done!

  2. Damm says:

    Can I get Sekolah Kartini’s email address and phone number regarding to your previous post on 2010?

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