Tokyo Part 2 (Narita & Tokyo Dome) – June 16th 2013

Part 1 here

We took a night direct flight from Denpasar to Tokyo on Garuda Indonesia. The airplane was nice, the flight attendants were friendly and helpful. The kids slept well through the night and woke up about 2 hour before the scheduled arrival. We managed to get them to brush their teeth and wash their face in the lavatory. We ordered a gluten free meal for our youngest kid since he is allergic to gluten, but turned out not every item in the meal is gluten free, such as bread roll, well …

Tokyo 02-01 a

We arrived at Narita early in the morning. The immigration & baggage collection was very smooth and fast. We proceed to buy the limousine bus tickets at the airport counter without any difficulties while my wife also collected her pre-ordered wifi router from the post office. We think the limo bus is our best option in getting to the hotel since the price is affordable and we boarded right in front of the airport terminal and get off at the hotel lobby. The taxi is expensive & we don’t want to take the train since we would like to avoid the hassle of dragging our suitcases from platform to platform while watching over the boys. Few minutes before the bus scheduled to arrive, we stepped out the platform as stated on the ticket and the bus arrived just on schedule. The driver helped us to load our lugagge to the bus and gave us the receipt for each luggage. Our boys slept again during the bus trip while me & my wife enjoying the scenery from the windows. Tokyo 02-01 copy

Arriving at the Oriental Tokyo Bay Hotel, we went straight to the lobby level and there’s Mr Tanaka already waiting for us at the lobby. He helped us to check in and left our luggage at the hotel storage since the room wasn’t ready yet. I believed his presence save us a lot of time since the desk attendant english was not good enough. Mr Tanaka then led us to the train station right across the hotel (Shin-Urayasu) via the connecting bridge for the trip to Tokyo Dome. Again his presence saved us a lot of time since he helped us get the train ticket & led us the correct train platform. I think we will need at least 15-20 minutes to learn about the routes, platforms, and how to purchase the ticket from the vending machine.

Tokyo 02-02

Arriving at Tokyo Dome, we decided to have our lunch first and chose a nearby Sukiya. The curry was good, they even provided cute Snoopy spoons & forks for the kids. The meal cost around 600-900 Yen per person depending on what you ordered.

Tokyo 02-03 a

At Tokyo Dome we got lost a bit since Mr Tanaka has never been to the G’Rosso theater. Luckily we have asked him to buy the ticket in advance since the ticket for that day was already sold out. At front of G’Rosso theater we found a very long queue, which we initially thought to be the queue for the show ticket. Turned out it was the queue for the handshake and photo session after the show, which only sold a couple of hours before the show. Since we have already planned to get the photo session, we immediately joined the queue. The good thing about queueing in Japan, no matter how long it is, very very rarely you’ve found people trying to jump the queue. Tokyo 02-04 copy

After we got the photo ticket, we explore the surrounding area. There is a big wall with posters of previous super sentai series, including my childhood heroes, Goggle-V (which somehow was very famous in Indonesia). The place is a real treat for super sentai fans. There is also a souvenir shop which sells kyoryuger’s toys & merchandise. I was about to buy the gaburevolver for my son as promised, but Mr Tanaka told me better to get it at Akihabara because the price would be much cheaper there.

Tokyo 02-05 copyTokyo 02-06 copy

A while later, we saw a number of people began to sit down behind the rope at the main entrance. Don’t want to miss anything, we decided to join the crowd anyway. They played the Kyoryuger songs over and over again while my sons join the other kids doing the henshin dance. Then the door suddenly open and Kyoryu Red appeared. The crowd cheered loudly. He then open the rope and welcomed the guests in the front row before disappearing inside. And we were among the lucky ones to get our hand shakes by him.

We found our seat inside and listened to the instruction : taking video or photo during the show is prohibited, the handshake and photo session will be done after the show. There are also several people selling merchandise inside. The show itself was quite good, combination of choreograph stunts & actions. The kids really love it. After the show ended, we have to wait for more than hundred people who buy the handshake ticket. After hundreds of handshake, the Kyoryu red stayed at the stage to take photographs. We only have to wait a couple of minutes for the photo result. Afterwards we returned to the hotel area to have a dinner at a food court in nearby shopping mall before heading back to our hotel room to rest. Day 1 in Tokyo was full of excitement, and we were very excited for the next days.

Tokyo 02-07 copy

Tokyo 02-08 copy


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