Tokyo Part 4 (Disney Sea) – June 18th 2013 (TDR Day 2)

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Just like yesterday, we picked up our breakfast at Lawson on our hotel lobby level before headed downstairs to wait for the shuttle bus to Tokyo Disney Resort. Our destination for today is Tokyo Disney Sea.

TDS 01 copy

We heard that Toy Story Mania is the current hottest attraction, so after entering the park I rushed to get the fast pass. Looking at the park map I knew the attraction is located in the bottom left corner of the park. I walked fast but on my way I saw many youngsters sprinted to that direction. I was really surprised that nearly halfway there I already met the tail of the queue. It took around 30 minutes before I got to the fast pass machine, which provided me the ticket to enter the ride at 18.55.Really cool… I guess people spending the extra cost for staying in Mira Costa Hotel really enjoy their 15 minutes advantage. But once again, the people here were nice, nobody jostling or trying to jump the queue.

Toy Story Mania Fast Pass Queue

Joining my wife and kids near the fountain area, we were lucky to find several Disney Characters were roaming around while the crowd was rather thin, so we can got the kids have their pictures taken with Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, and others.

TDS 03 copy

We then headed to the Mediterranean Lagoon, looking for a good spot to sit and wait for Happiness Greeting on the Sea to begin. In this parade, the Disney Characters are riding a boat which circle around the lagoon, waving and dancing to the 30th anniversary celebration song.

After the parade, we went to Mysterious Island area and enter the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride, in which we rode a “submarine” to explore the bottom of the ocean where me saw numerous strange “life form”. The little boy can join us in this ride.

Vulcania Restaurant

Exiting the ride, we went to Vulcania Restaurant nearby to get an early lunch. With our stomach full, we moved to Mermain Lagoon area. This area is more suitable for little children. The theme is about Ariel’s father kingdom. There are outdoor attractions where our kids rode the Flounder’s Flying Fish Coaster and Scuttle’s Scooters.

TDS 06a copy

Then we headed indoor and took the Jumpin’ Jellyfish and Blowfish Balloon Race.

And yeah, while queuing for the ride, we were approached by Prince Eric who asked us whether we saw Princess Ariel 🙂

Prince Eric

As we left the Mermain Lagoon area and headed to Discovery Port, the little boy fell asleep, so the big boy and my wife took the Storm Rider while I wait outside.The big boy love this ride so much that he asked to ride again, so this time I went with him.The ride is basically a 4D movie in which we joined a research aeroplane chasing the storm.

While we are still in the queue, my wife texted me that the little boy has waken up and she want to take him for Electric Railway ride.

TDS 07 copy

TDS 15 copy

After the Storm Rider, the big boy and I decided to try Aquatopia. When we headed to American Waterfront to meet up with my wife and the little boy, we met Mr and Mrs Incredible. Too bad their kids wasn’t around.

The Incredibles

American Waterfront Vehicle

We then went to Mysterious Island where my wife and I took turn using fast pass to take the Journey to the Center of the Earth ride while the other stay with the kids and watched them eat popcorn. It turned out that the ride is rather lenghty, well not exactly the ride itself, but after the entrance gate, we have to walked through a very long tunnel before we get to our underground vehicle for our ride to the center of the earth, a fast bumpy ride where we met various strange looking life forms.

Lighter moment at TDS

After checking for restaurant that provide children menu, we decided to go to Yucatan Base Camp Grill at Lost River Delta area for dinner. On our way there we realized that the little boy somehow lost his shoes.

Yucatan Base Camp Grill

After dinner we headed all the way across the park to the Toy Story Mania ride. The queue for normal entrance is very discouraging, it’s very very long. But since we already got our fast pass, we got in immediately.
Oh, and the cast member is very helpful, they offered to take our family picture without being asked.

Toy Story Mania

The ride itself was fun. We sat in a small, moving cart with guns mounted in front of each seat. We then move along digital walls where we have various kind of games and target to aim. Exiting the ride, there’s a playground area with several funny mirrors and a couple of Toy Story related game machine for the kids to play with.

Then we decided to headed to Mediterranean Lagoon to watch the Fantasmic Show, but the good seats were already gone 30 minutes before the show. But somehow we manage to get a good enough spot to watch the show.

Before exiting the park we visited the Park Guest Relation Office to inquire about the lost shoes. They told us that they will get back to us if they find it. From there we went to the bus platform and rode the shuttle bus back to our hotel.

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