Tokyo Part 5 (Disneyland) – June 19th 2013 (TDR Day 3)

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On our third day at Tokyo Disney Resort, we headed back to Tokyo Disneyland. The weather was rather cloudy and windy. The crowd today (Wednesday) is much thinner than on our first day (Monday).

TDR 5-01 copy

We went straight to Toontown, the area that we haven’t visited on our first day. First up was Goofy Paint and Play House. The kids were asked to help Goofy paint his house by aiming their paint gun at the large digital screen.

TDR 5-02 copy

Nextdoor is Donald’s Boat where the kids can explore and play inside the boat. We skipped Mickey’s House because the line for photo session was already very long. We met and took picture with some Disney’s characters roaming in the area that morning.

TDR 5-03 copy

We then took the Roger Rabbit Car Toon Spin, it is a ride for kids since you don’t have any control on the car, just sat back and enjoy the ride. There are also some fun houses for the kids to explore in the area.

TDR 5-04 copy

From Toontown we went to The Small World. The ride was rather lenghty and the big boy got bored halfway through the ride while the little boy still enjoyed it. Then we took our lunch at Grandma Sara’s Kitchen which provided menu for kids guest with food allergies.

TDR 5-05 copy

TDR 5-06 copy

After lunch we entered The Haunted Mansion. Surprisingly, it hasn’t changed much since the last time I went here many years ago. From there we took turn riding Splash Mountain (utilizing fastpass). Prepare to get wet on this ride. Then while the little boy sleep, I took the big boy to ride the Big Thunder Mountain, the queue was very long, about 60 minutes but its worth the wait because the ride really excite the big boy.

TDR 5-07 copy

TDR 5-13 copy

Up next was Pirates of the Caribbean, a ride in a boat with theme from the famous movie. The queue for this ride was very very short, we were in the boat in less than 5 minutes.

TDR 5-08 copy

For early dinner we headed back to Land of Tomorrow to eat at Plaza Restaurant. The shape of the bun there is really cute. The curry is delicious.

TDR 5-09 copy

Then we following the request of the kids, (again) ride StarJets and Grand Circuit Raceway followed by Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters.

The kids wanted to take the Buzz Lightyear’s ride again right after we finished it, but we decided against it since the queue was really long.

TDR 5-10 copy

Utilizing our fast pass, we quickly get to the front of the line of Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek! The ride is fun if your kids have watched the movie. The monsters will do things if we aim our flashlight on them.

TDR 5-11 copy

TDR 5-12 copy

We were lucky to get this ride since it was being under maintainance on previous days and just re-open today. But we were not that lucky with the TDR fireworks since the rain just won’t stop falling so the crews said they have to cancel the fireworks. So we have to settle with roaming around the stores to purchased some souvenirs. On our way out, we upgrade our ticket to 4 days pass since we decided that we still want more TDR adventures.

TDR 5-14 copy

As we get into our room at the hotel, there was a voice message from TDS that they have found the little boy lost shoes and we can to pick it up tomorrow.

Notes :
It was raining all day, so better prepare some raincoat if you visit TDR on June.
Since it was only drizzle with occasional light rainshower, all the rides are still operational, except the fireworks.
The queue for popular rides such as Buzz Lightyear, Monster Inc, Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain is very long, so you might want to try get fastpass for these rides.

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