Tokyo Part 6 (Disney Sea and Disneyland) – June 20th 2013 (TDR Day 4)

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On Our fourth and final day at TDR, we decided to visit both parks because we want to have character dining for lunch at Tokyo Disney Sea and watch the Super Duper Jumpin’ Time at Tokyo Disneyland later on.
Taking the faithful disney shuttle bus from the hotel as usual, we got off at Disney Sea and again were greeted by long line at the entrance. Today there were many groups from middle school, and I was impressed by their discipline and manner during their time in the park.

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My wife decided that we should get 2 rides before lunch, so entering the park I run straight to the Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull to get the fast pass while my wife walked there with the kids. Since they boys were not tall enough for the ride, my wife and I took turn riding this one. In this ride we hopped on a car on tracks which took us on a bumpy and adventurous inside the pyramid to the story of Indiana Jones Crystal Skull adventure.

TDR 6-03
Exiting the ride we were thinking about Raging Spirits but got discouraged by the queue, and no, we’re not even thinking about queuing for Toy Story Mania. So we went back to Meditteranean Harbour and let the kids explored the fortress and galleon.

TDR 6-02 copy copy

Once the Horizon Bay restaurant open, we went in and ordered our food, beef steak and salmon lunch set. The price of the food here is much higher than the fast food restaurants at the park, but the food quality is much better, and the best part is you can take pictures with Disney Characters without wasting 1 hour of queuing for each character.
We savored the excellent food and the kids really enjoyed being visited by Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto during their lunch, the look at their smile is priceless.

TDR 6-04


TDR 6-05

After lunch, we said our good bye to Tokyo Disney Sea and headed to the monorail station for a short ride to Tokyo Disneyland. The train shape and decoration is really something else. We immediately went to Plaza Pavilion to let the kids join Super Duper Jumpin’ Time, but unfortunately the show is cancelled because the drizzle just won’t stop The kids were quite disappointed because they have watched the show numerous time on Youtube and really looking forward to experienced it themselves, but you can’t get everything you want though.

TDR 6-06

TDR 6-08

It was raining all day, the queue for the rides are not as long as usual, but it seems like the queue for photo session with Mickey is not affected by rain at all. And for those who don’t like to get wet, there were some entertainment to enjoy under the roof of the shopping arcade.

TDR 6-07

TDR 6-09

With no other priority agenda to do, we just spent the day retaking the kids favorite rides, some of them 2-3 times because the queue is much shorter than usual because of the rain. Jet Star, Monster Inc, Buzz Lightyear, Grand Circuit Railway, Thunder Mountain, Mickey’s PhilharMagic, Star Tours, Alice’s Tea Party. We also managed to try several attraction that we passed on previous days such as Chip ‘n Dale’s Treehouse, Westernland Shootin’ Gallery, etc.

TDR 6-13

TDR 6-12

TDR 6-15

In between, we squezzed along with other eager spectators to wait and eventually watch the Disney Parade in the rain. I never thought I’d see Snow White and Alice in raincoat.
The crowd here is unbelievable, they just sit and wait patiently for the parade more than 30 minutes, in the rain.

TDR 6-10

TDR 6-11

We had our dinner at Plaza Restaurant of burger and curry rice. and then we spent time at the shops to get some souvenirs for memorabilia while waiting for the firework, but we got unlucky once again, the rain just won’t stop so they have to cancel the firework.
So instead we let the kids chose a couple of ride as our last rides in Tokyo Disneyland, and they chose Buzz Lighyear and Monster Inc.

TDR 6-14

TDR 6-18

TDR 6-17

At last, everything has to come to an end, as much as we enjoyed our four days at Tokyo Disney Resort, we have to say good bye, while taking home all the precious memories of our well spent times here.

As we walked through the exit door, I asked the kids to take a good look at Tokyo Disneyland, and asked them to bid farewell to the park and wish to be able to come again in the future time.

Good bye TDR, see you again someday!

Good bye TDR, see you again someday!

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