Tokyo Part 7 (Akihabara, Asakusa, Japanese traditional dining)

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On our last full day in Tokyo, we were picked up by our friend, Mr Tanaka, who took us to Tower Record, a big music CD store in Japan. They have 3 storeys full of music CDs and DVDs, really amazing. He then showed me the placement of several our company CD products in international music section, cool…

From Tower Record we headed for lunch. Mr Tanaka spent quite sometime to decide what should we have for lunch because he has to consider our youngest child food allergy, before finally deciding on a Korean restaurant nearby. After lunch we took the train to Akihabara. During the train trip my wife realized that we left the Tokyo Banana we purchased earlier at the restaurant. Since it will be troublesome to return to the restaurant, we decided to leave it there.

Arriving in Akihabara, we went straight to the toys section of Yodobashi Camera. The kids were really amazed by large selection of toys displayed there. The kids spent a considerable time browsing through the store before deciding which toy they would like to get. My wife and I also get a few things as presents for friends and relatives. Since it was raining outside, without having to ask, the store attendant wrapped our shopping bags in plastic, really excellent service.

T 7-13

T 7-01

From Yodobashi Camera we went back to the train station and put our shopping bags in the locker, then we went to Asakusa to visit Asakusa Kannon Temple. I have a guilty feeling if I took the kids for a holiday somewhere without visiting any local cultural or natural attraction, it just felt wrong.

T 7-02

T 7-03

T 7-08

From Asakusa we walked through that part of town to let the kids saw the other part of Tokyo outside the amusement parks and scyscrapers. Then we took taxi for dinner at a traditional Japanese restaurant. The interior is very interesting , the food was amazing, the sashimi was really fresh. We even got to try sake.

T 7-04

T 7-05

After dinner we went back to the hotel. My wife and I were busy packing our suitcases while the kids played with their new toys.

T 7-06 copy

T 7-09

T 7-07

Next morning we took the limobus from our hotel to Narita, returned the wifi router at the airport, grabbed a quick breakfast at McDonald, before we checked in and wait at the boarding gate.
While waiting we let the kids try using the vending machine to get drinks and ice cream.
Finally we boarded the plane and bid goodbye to Tokyo, hoping one day we can come to visit again.

T 7-10

T 7-11

T 7-12


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