2017 Japan Trip Day 4 – Legoland Nagoya

2017 Japan Trip Day 1 – Kansai Airport, Fushimi Inari-Taisha, Kyoto Station

2017 Japan Trip Day 2 – Toei Studio Park, Nishiki Market, Yodobashi Camera, Coco Ichibanya

2017 Japan Trip Day 3 – Arashiyama, Kitano Tenmangu, Kyoto Railway Museum, Yabaton Misokatsu

After breakfast at the hotel we headed to Legoland by train. Since we will go back to Kyoto without returning to the hotel, we stowed our baggage at the locker in the train station. You insert the coin to the locker, then you’ll get printout of barcode to be used to open the locker.


The walk to the Legoland took about 10 minutes, we arrived 10 minutes before opening, the queue was still light. We were allowed to enter the front area (photograph shop, restaurant, locker, lego shops), but the way to ride areas are still closed. Still it gave us time to take pictures and ask questions at the photograph shop.

After the rides are opened, our path led us to Observatory deck. The sphere goes up and rotate slowly, to give you bird eye view of the park.

Cat cloud buster is a ride where you sit and pull your way up with the rope and descend by releasing the rope. Oh, and they provide the gloves.

Squid Surfer already needed 15 minutes of queue that morning, but thankfully they provide lego bricks there to help make the queue easier for the children. It is a fun water ride for two, with occasional water splash bomb to accompany the speedy spin around ride.

Legoland 06 copy

On submarine adventure, we ride a “submarine” to explore the underwater world and of course, lego figures and models are very part of it. It’s one of the tranquil ride in this park, no suspense, no sudden movement.

We took early lunch at Chicken Diner. Nicest thing about it is they provide hypoallergenic menu and very helpful about it. Once we mentioned that our son has allergic, they showed a tabulated allergen information for all menu, and they did provide special hypoallergenic menu which we ordered. Of course there were lego figures that accompany us during dining.

Legoland 08 copy

Legoland 18 copy

Hypoallergenic meal at Legoland Nagoya

After lunch we visited the Lego Factory. We passed a hall with history of lego pictured on the wall, then we entered a small theater to watch short movie about how lego bricks are made in the factory, then out to another hall where we can observe several machines that are producing lego bricks. Before leaving the factory, each of us received a special logo factory brick for souvenir.

While queueing for NinjaGo Live, my wife headed to nearby Abominable Slushes to get the refillable slush.

Legoland 15 copy

Abominable Slushes at Legoland Nagoya

NinjaGo Live is a 4D theater where live performance is combined with 3D graphics as we follow the adventure of Kai and friends. I think the show lasted around 20 minutes. Although the language is in Japanese, the simplicity of the story and all the actions made the children able to enjoy it anyway Please pay attention to the show schedule since they only has several show each day. We were intended to watch the first show, but have to settle for the second show because we were still in Squid Surfer queue when the first show started.

Legoland 19 copy

NinjaGo Live

Next we headed to Lego City for the Driving School. There are two driving school, a junior one for children aged 3-5 and the driving school for children aged 6-13. The children entered a small theater where they watch an instructional video about the basic safety and traffic rules, the do’s and don’ts, and again of course it is in Japanese, but since it is a video your children should grasp the basic idea though. Then they headed outside to pick their electric cars and learn to ride while obeying the traffic signs and traffic lights. After the ride the children can get their own Legoland driving license, with a price.

Legoland 17 copy

Lego City Driving School

Rescue Academy is a firefighter ride. Each firetruck can accomodate 4 persons. We have to pump the lever to get the firetruck moving from one side to the other side. Once we reached the other side, one person again have to pump the lever of the water hydrant while the other aimed the noozle to the objects (building on fire). Once the “fire” was extinguished, we get back on the truck and pump our way back. For some competitive families, it easily become a race to be the fastest.

Enough with pumping, we entered the gate of Knights Kingdom and decided to try the most challenging ride in the park, The Dragon. Not to be compared to coaster in USJ or Six Flags, it is a rather introductory roller coaster ride for the children, enough to thrill my six years old. They also has mini version of roller coaster version, Dragon’s Apprentice, for smaller children.

Legoland 10b copy

In Pirates Shore we tried Anchor Away, a swaying and rotating ship on a U shaped tracks, followed by Splash Battle. The attendance at the entrance told us that we can get really wet on this ride and asked whether we would like to continue. Since we brought along our raincoat, there’s nothing to worry about! We rode a ship equipped with water canons for each passengers, but we have to rotate the lever to get the water splashing from our gun. It’s not only us against other riders on other ships, but people on the “shore” also can enjoy the fun by firing water canons mounted around the rides. Of course we also can returned the favor by aiming our water canons at them. And yes, unless you wear a full lenght raincoat, you will get wet. Just outside the ride there is a big coin activated hot dryer to dry off.

Legoland 2_Fotor

Splash Battle at Legoland Nagoya

On our way back to Adventure Land, we spend few minutes at Miniland. The must see items are Japan landmarks. Official Legoland photographers are easily spotted and you can asked them to take your picture, that you can purchase at the Photo Shop.

Legoland 1_Fotor

Miniland at Legoland Nagoya

Legoland 12 copy

Miniland at Legoland Nagoya

Back at Adventure Land we entered the Lost Kingdom ride. We boarded a jeep with laser guns for each passengers to shoot objects at along the track.

Legoland 10a copy

One snack that should not be missed is the Lego Fries, yes, the lego bricks here are crunchy and delicious.

Legoland 13 copy

Lego Fries at Legoland Nagoya

We still have half an hour before we have to leave the park and get to the train station, and although there’s some rides that we haven’t tried yet, the kids voted to to ride the Dragon Coaster once again, so there we go before picking up our photos at the shop and took a quick look at Lego Souvenir Store.

Legoland 14 copy

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